Everyone goes to America - why not spend a year in China instead! 

Visit the world’s most populous country, and experience the world’s oldest civilization!

Opportunities for students and teachers at all levels.

For new and experienced teachers - teach English and other subjects at the university level.

Basic requirements: excellent English language skills and some teaching experience;

Benefits: competitive salary ($1000/month and up), free accommodation, roundtrip airfare, health insurance and more.

For students - spend a year studying Chinese language and culture, study martial arts in Shaolin;

Free tuition and shared accommodation, travel programs, credit transfer.

For further information contact china@gtce.org



Latest WAT USA Offers

Student Work Offer for  in Denali, AK, USA

Denali, AK


Start date: 10.05.2018 | Hours per week: 35-40

$13.50 /hour

Student Work Offer for  in Provincetown, MA, USA

Provincetown, MA

Bike store assistants

Start date: 07.05.2018 | Hours per week: 32-40

$12.00 /hour

Student Work Offer for  in Edgartown, MA, USA

Edgartown, MA

Retail Sales

Start date: 15.05.2018 | Hours per week: 32+

$12.00 /hour

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