Hello everyone!

The summer is closing on us fast!

Most of you are thinking about beach time and sea advantures, or maybe a fasinating vacation in a foreign country.

But how many of you are thinking of earning some money while having a good time?

Our agency stil has some exciting job placements for students and graduates.

Our agency is the one that has pesonal approach for every case and every student.

We try to make evryone happy and to provide a good experience for the students traveling with us.

Someone might say that it is a chaos in our office, but this is because we are working hard for you guys!

We are always flexible and we try to do everything we can to help our customers. 

We even let you buy your own plane ticket if you dont like our options...

Who else does that?

We have positions for Work and Travel USA and Work and Travel UK.

We have positions in Colorado, USA with really cheap housing.

Some Amusement park job offers near Denver, CO.

Server and kitchen position in a Country club in Nort Carolina.

We have great oportunities for students and non-students in the UK.

The first option is to work as a summer Food & Beverage assistant in Britain's most magical resort.

They have a Magic pass, which you will receive as an employee, that alows you to pass through all gate keepers without paying for a ticket.

You can even visit the Eye of London ticket free!

The second option is to work in one of the fast-pace bars, coffee shops or reastaurants in one of the majour airports in Uk and Ireland.

The company offers bonusses for bes results and training for employees who want to grow.

Your third option is to work in one of the numerous hotels on the British isles.

You send us you CV and we will find a job of your liking!

This is a chance for people who want to gain experience in the hospitality industry.

Those options are available for people with at least Intermediate level of English.

For more information about our programs, please check with an agent in one of our offices!